Zoo, Museums & Aquariums

Lancer provides cafeteria, concession management and retail services at large public venues such as zoos, museums and aquariums. Lancer easily exceeds the national per capita spending averages in the industries we serve. Lancer’s formula for high-volume concession services combines an upscale, progressive menu with quick-service and clean, comfortable dining spaces.

As a leading recreational foodservice provider with years of experience managing high-volume concessions services at a variety of venues, we know how to seamlessly provide service to attractions with annual attendance of more than a million visitors and peak attendance of 12,000+ visitors in a single day.

We customize our approach to each venue served with our range of services including:

Full-Service Restaurants

Multi-Station Food Courts

Retail/Gift Stores

Upscale Café and Coffee Shops

Kiosks and Mobile Carts