Lancer is committed to managing a responsible operation that models sustainable practices.

Lancer sources local products whenever possible to get fresh ingredients as well as to reduce transportation costs and emissions. Eating locally grown and produced food not only reduces the consumption of fossil fuels in the transport of food products over long distances, but also often eliminates wasteful packaging materials. This will also help us reduce the use of pre-packaged, processed food items on our menu. This is significant because when we cut down on the use of processed foods we give our customers a fresher, healthier product.

Lancer Hospitality sources 100% cage free shell eggs for use in our operations. Lancer has further committed to completing a transition to 100% cage free liquid eggs by 2020. In eliminating the use of battery cage eggs from our operations, Lancer is making a strong statement against animal cruelty. We hope that our participation in the movement will send a strong message that we care about egg sourcing practices and the elimination of battery cages within our supply chain.

Lancer’s efforts to model sustainable practices in our operations include organic recycling at many locations, solid waste recycling, the elimination of disposable food service packaging in favor of durables in many outlets and local sourcing. We are happy to report that using cage free eggs in our operations is another way in which we will model responsible and sustainable practices.

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