The Lancer Hospitality team is committed to serving meals and managing responsible operations that model sustainable practices.

Our kitchens take action to reduce all types of waste, including production food waste and single-use service items, diverting what cannot be eliminated away from our landfills through organic and solid waste recycling.

We look to source better ingredients from protein to produce, including locally grown or produced foods whenever possible. Choosing to buy local supports our communities, offers our guests fresher, healthier ingredients, reduces carbon emissions from transportation, and often eliminates wasteful packaging materials.

Lancer Hospitality has always been proud of our commitment to sourcing 100% cage-free shell eggs for use in our operations, and the additional commitment we made to transition to 100% cage-free liquid eggs by 2020. Joining the movement against animal cruelty by eliminating the use of battery-cage eggs on our menus was as important to our team and our customers then as it is today.

In the past three years, we have begun our own evolution, and along with the entire food service industry, we felt the force of some of the most unprecedented and devastating impacts in history. The realities of the pandemic, supply chain challenges, inflation, droughts, and livestock disease have placed a significant strain on sourcing, availability, and clear traceability for ingredients such as local foods and cage-free eggs and egg products.

We remain committed to providing our customers customized dining and catering services, as well as taking our responsibility seriously to make a positive impact on our community and environment. In 2023, we will…

  • Stand behind our 100% cage-free egg commitment: As of January 2023, 100% of the total eggs we source are cage-free, including 100% shell, 100% liquid, and 100% frozen egg products.
  • Strengthen our sourcing efforts and improve our tracing methods for all ingredients.
  • Keep up action to lower carbon emissions, including reducing food waste and disposable packaging.
  • Continue to evolve and enhance our sustainability efforts, expanding our commitments and showing progress along the way.

While the dedication to doing good things carries on, it is time for us to reimagine the Lancer Hospitality brand and make some long-awaited updates to our “look” and our website. More to come!