Business Dining

Lancer Hospitality provides corporate dining at business centers and corporate headquarters throughout the area. Customized business services include on-site employee cafeterias, convenience stores, coffee service, beverage and snack vending and complete catering services. Our corporate clients receive a comprehensive food service program that is tailor-made to meet the needs of their business. Lancer’s ability to work collaboratively with the customer, pay attention to detail and meet financial objectives is what has helped us achieve success in the hospitality business.

Lancer understands the positive impact a quality dining program can have on the corporate culture of an institution. Social networks are strengthened when clients and staff come together around shared meals. High quality healthy meal options are essential to maximizing participation and providing clients and tenants with on-site options for lunch.

Lancer specializes in offering progressive, upscale menus that are truly restaurant quality; providing service that is friendly, knowledgeable and quick; and, delivering a cost-effective program that is reliable and contained.

To ensure that Lancer is meeting the needs of each client, our menus, operating hours and services are individually designed for each corporate client. Lancer’s upscale menu showcases display and small batch cooking techniques, features a menu rich in variety and flavor, and offers specials and options that give clients a variety of healthy choices for low calorie, low carb, low fat and vegetarian diets.