• Jamie Quickert - Corporate Director of Catering & Sales

    As Lancer's Corporate Director of Catering Sales, I lead, mentor and support Lancer's catering sales team in venues across the country. I stand on the principal that a cheerful attitude is contagious, first impressions last forever, and hard work inspires others.

    My years in Hospitality have given me a love for fast-paced environments, details and deadlines. My experience leading events, recruiting and training volunteers and event staff, and as a supervisor has taught me how to communicate and work with diverse community groups and skill levels.

    While I specialize in working on event budgets, contract negotiation, and profitability - I know that to be truly effective at this job you need to believe in beauty and love and a little bit of magic. When I am not working you will find me volunteering my time with local non-profit organizations, exploring the city, or watching sci-fi shows with my husband.

    • Why I'm a foodie: Food is a universal language. It isn’t just about the taste but about delighting all five senses

    • You will never find me without: MAC lipstick and my cell phone

    • I play air guitar most to: Sweet Child of Mine – Guns and Roses

    • Every event needs: “A soundtrack”

  • Kaitlin Caron - Sales Manager: Science Museum of Minnesota

    As a Minnesota native, I grew up watching my dad work in the hospitality field. I didn’t realize it would become my passion as well. My draw toward hospitality occurred my final year in college while I was interning for a wedding service company in the Twin Cities.

    I realized that organizing, planning and detailing is in my blood, and I wanted to spend my life planning and selling events. I love the detailing that goes into events and working through the planning process to see the end result. In my spare time I enjoy planning my own wedding (I am getting married in June 2016!) and scrapbooking. When not at work or at home you will most likely find me at the gym.

    • Favorite childhood food memory: Popsicles

    • I started cooking when: I first experienced the Easy Bake Oven

    • Buzzword: Hotdish

    • I’m inspired by: Kindness

    • Every event needs: “Great Music”

  • Lyndsey Lyon - Sales Manager: Keller Golf Course

    I was born and raised in Minnesota by my amazing parents. I love Minnesota culture with its diversity of people, traditions and culinary experiences. I recently celebrated my one year wedding anniversary with my wonderful and amazing husband Mark and look forward to many, many more! When I'm not working, my best time is spent with Mark and our loving and cuddly American bulldog KC.

    My tenure with Lancer started when I was fresh out of high school and was offered a position as a banquet server. Little did I know then that I had stumbled upon a path that would lead to my passion and career. I worked as a server, an operations manager and a banquet manager for Lancer before discovering how much I love event planning and sales. Helping clients plan an event from the infancy stages through to the finished product is an amazing process. I absolutely love creating customized events that truly showcase the personalities of the people or organizations hosting them. No two events are alike, nor should they be!

    • Why I'm a foodie: I love food! But seriously I love presentations and executions and creativity that food allows

    • I'm prone to spontaneous: Dance Parties

    • The best event I ever attended: A steam punk themed Gala. With everything from fire twirlers to a metal band that played on actual pieces of metal with chain saws

    • Every event needs: “A personal touch”

  • Cheron Rubenstien - Sales Manager: Edinburgh USA

    I'm originally from Los Angeles, California where I gained a huge variety of experience in the hospitality industry including fine dining, event planning, and a full complement of service standards and culinary trends. I've been with Lancer since 1998. I've worked with thousands of clients over the years and I pride myself on a keen (some might say obsessive) eye for detail. I think most clients want an event planner who has a touch of obsession for detail and getting things right. I really enjoy collaborating with clients and then communicating their vision to our culinary and operations staff to help ensure every event is flawlessly executed. My passion for food, wine and entertaining, is not left at the office door as my friends and family will attest. Sunday night dinner is a weekly occurrence at the Rubenstein home, and I always say “the more the merrier!”

    • What I want to eat/drink right now: Kettle One Martini up, cold, dry, dirty with jalapeno stuffed olives

    • Why I'm a foodie: Because food always brings together family & friends. I started cooking when I was 10 years old. I was cooking for myself and siblings -- fried baloney and cheese...luckily I have evolved

    • What I want to be when I grow up: The big lottery winner

    • Every event needs: “Consideration and dedication”

  • Courtney Larsen - Sales Manager: Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

    I was born and raised in Minnesota and found my passion for the hospitality industry when I was just 15 years old while working my first job as a hotel supervisor at a fishing resort in Northern Minnesota. I became part of the Lancer family in 2014, and I have not worked for a company that has been as dedicated to delivering excellence as Lancer is. I now have over ten years of experience in the hospitality industry, and I am grateful to work in a position that allows me to cultivate so many relationships with so many different people, which is my true passion. Being a part of the creativity and visions that come to life on a daily basis is extraordinary! I once heard, “You will never work a day in your life if you love what you do,” and I have found this to be true.

    I am a sucker for a scenic, country view, and I enjoy the great outdoors regardless of the season, but doing so takes a backseat to spending quality time with my amazing family and friends. It’s a “win-win” when I can do both simultaneously!

    • Every event should have: the right kind of music

    • What I want to eat right now: sushi!

    • You can find me in a crowd: usually the first one to trip on my own two feet

  • Jessica Levens - Assistant Sales Manager: Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

    I was born and raised in Minnesota and I graduated college from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management with a concentration in Event Planning. I fell in love with event planning during college when I had an internship at a country club, serving and working events. Since graduation I have worked in a variety of positions such as an administrative assistant at a catering company and an event coordinator with a local venue in St. Paul. One interesting fact about me is that I love giraffes which makes the Como Zoo such an amazing place to work.

    • Favorite things to do:
    I love to travel and try new restaurants

    • What I want to drink/eat right now: Gin and Tonic with lime

    • One food I couldn’t give up: Fettuccine Alfredo

    • Favorite place I have traveled to: France, I studied wine and food pairing there one summer

  • Lindsay Price - Sales Manager: Minnesota Zoo

    Born and raised in Birmingham AL, I moved to Minnesota right after college and began my hospitality career as a banquet captain with Lancer at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

    I chose event management because I love to plan and organize, and am very thankful you can make a career out of planning. In my spare time I love to travel, catch up on the latest films, go to concerts, and watching my Auburn Tigers in college football.

    • I’m Prone to Spontaneous: Road Trips with friends to nowhere in particular.

    • Every Event Needs: Great Staff

    • I’m Inspired by: Hard work, and people who pay it forward.