Lancer provides grab & go deli goods for retail delivery to smaller and more specialized markets. Lancer packages chef-made salads and sandwiches for delivery to coffee shops, schools, corporate cafeterias, college campus delis and others. We have an extensive selection of made-fresh daily subs, sandwiches and salads using bakery fresh breads, house-made sauces, freshly sliced meats and fresh vegetables.

Lancer’s own Sabino’s brand, available at many of our locations, includes a variety of sandwich choices including turkey, ham, roast beef, tuna salad, or chicken and topped with cheeses, vegetables, and sauce on fresh baked bread to create the perfect sub. And, that’s not all; in addition to a dozen sub combinations, Sabino’s features a Very Veggie deli sub, soups and a selection of fresh salads to provide a healthy vegetarian option.